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Visiting Friends in Europe - 2017

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But First A Word from Dawn About Home (Click Here)

We have had a great five months and Dawn doesn't want to leave on our next trip without a few comments.


On September 19, we are flying to Rome for 3 days Our B&B

September 23, we are taking a train to Padua to visit Elena

September 26, a train south to Pesaro to visit Joanne, a friend of Dawn's from college

October 1, train to Bologna. Everyone raves about this city. Massimo's Loft

October 3, train to Parma and the Verdi Festival. This is a little detour to match our schedule with Pieter's. Our B&B

October 8, a train to Varese in the Lake District in Italy to see Pieter

On October 12, we fly from Milan to Bordeaux and spend a night to prepare to

Meditate for a week (October 13 to October 20) at Thich Nhat Hanh's Plum Village, New Hamlet.

October 20, by train to Paris to reconnect with friends there Our Apartment is in a small house in the 20th (Wimdu.com)

November 8, after 19 days in Paris, we fly home to Boston

First Stop Italy

The Other Traveler
Fiction Writing
Dawn and I are thinking about adding some fiction to our travelogue in the form another person or two who seem to be traveling alongside of us, sometimes in front of us, sometimes behind. At the beginning at least they are not really visible. We will try to discover their identities, their reasons and what it all means for us. We will add this writing to the Travelogue in a way that it will be very clear what is what. The main characters might share our names, at least at first, and you will be reading first drafts or sometimes just notes for things that will be written later.

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