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Return to Guadeloupe - 2018

Introduction   Marie Galante   St. Fran├žois  TBD   Ste. Rose   Deshaies  


We will be in Guadeloupe again this year, January 14 until we are not sure. We will stay in four different places for a week each and then three weeks returning to Gite Mangoplaya with its captivating sunsets. Below are links the the Airbnb places that we will be staying in
Marie Galante

Then a week in Saint Fran├žois

Then a week in Sainte Rose


Three weeks above Deshaies

Again, we chose small places with interesting hosts in a variety of locations on the island. The first is on a neighboring island of Marie Galante (Be will stay with Charles the first night after getting off the airplane) then two places on Grand Terre which is the flatter, dryer of the two islands that make up Guadeloupe. A new place for us will be in the hills above St. Rose. The last place will be a return to the hill above Deshaies and the beautiful golden beach of Grand Anse.
We are not sure whether we are coming home to the Boston weather of March or perhaps heading for Mexico to avoid the cold.
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