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Second Time in Oaxaca - 2020

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Introduction/Summary (under construction)

We will be back in Mexico this winter: Feb 5 - 12 San Francisco February 12 - March 11 Oaxaca Mar 11 - April 1 Puerto Escondido. Below are links to the places:

Our Place for a Month Stay in Oaxaca  Our Place Near Puerto Escondido 
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Some morning next February, our alarm will go off at 4:15 a.m. to get an early flight to San Francisco. What a treat to see my eleven year old granddaughter Lily perform in Westside Story! The show is produced by the San Francisco Players. The performers are aged ten fo fourteen, forty of them selected by audition city-wide. The directors, choreographers, designers, musical arrangers and musicians are all professionals.

It is also great to hang out with almost ten-year-old Cole who is now into Cub Scouts, horseback riding, and guitar lessons. Amber and Patrick have such packed, busy lives that we like to help out as much as possible when we visit. Hence carpooling to rehearsals and performances, picking up kids at school, dishes, dog duty, etc. We love being part of the family and don't see them often enough.

Back to our trip: We love Guadeloupe, but are going back to Mexico. We love the indigenous culture and arts, the food, the architecture, historical sites, and of course, la gente, the people.

San Francisco
Oaxaca, First Half
Oaxaca, Second Half
Porto Escondido

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