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Nine Month Trip

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I am not going to mince words, and that word is "Retirement." The problem is that it references what is past and not the present nor the future. We want to be arriving and not leaving. I will try to be in each place that we are residing, rather than be away from someplace else.


After teaching thirty-eight years part-time at MassArt, I have finally "graduated" with the class of 2014. The last twelve or so years have certainly felt full-time, so this is a major life transition. Stephen says that he has transitioned from being "self-unemployed to semi-retired," and doesn't know if he will be working less...or more. Although we have done many different kinds of trips, some of them quite long, we are embarking on the next one with a new approach: Where ever we go, we want to take our "Here" with us, that is to spend enough time in a place to really "be" there rather than feeling like visitors.


Dawn leaves on the 26th of August. I will follow on the 3rd of September after finishing up some details. Our emails and cell phones will remain the same. Our landline will no longer reach us or take messages for us.

Plans so far...

At the beginning of September, we will travel to San Francisco to stay in the small in-law apartment at Amber's and Patrick's, Dawn's daughter and son-in-law. We will hang out with them and their children, Lily and Cole, and also develop a life around our sitting meditation, sailing, the arts community there, culture, reading, hiking, yoga, etc.. We are taking our video equipment and will remain open to any ideas that come to us. We both have ideas for different videos based on bridges and Stephen has one about us dancing together and we will see if any of those seem interesting enough to pursue. He also has some recent clips of the food wars at our bird feeder and is editing those just to keep his hand in.

After that, we will fly to Guanajuato, Mexico and stay for two months in a house near the University Square. The town is beautiful, and we are looking forward to living there. It has been described as a Tuscan hill town in the middle of Mexico. Elevation is over 6,000 feet. We will start with language classes and expand from there. A bus to Mexico City follows for a five day stay at the Red Tree House. With such a short stay, we will only have time to be tourists, not residents, in one of the largest cities in the world.

After that, it gets fuzzy, but the plans are to head for the beach in the Yucatan for two weeks or so. All suggestions will be considered. The Flamingos Inn has gotten our attention, but we don't know too much about the area. It is called the Flamingo Coast (there are flamingos there), about 30 miles north of Merida.

During the last week in February we will fly back to Boston for a quick stop over at home to see friends, family, maybe do a ski trip, swap out some clothes and grab the Euro electrical adaptors before flying to Paris.

We had thought we would be able to hang out with Malek, but have found out out that he will be in Berlin for the year on a grant to do some writing. But the good side is that he has offered to rent us his apartment for the three months! It is in the Northern part of the 11th arrondisement and would be a good spot from which to explore Paris. It will be back to language school for Stephen.

Home at the end of May
Dawn and Stephen

Beginning of August

We have been invited by our friend Markus to meet with a Zen Buddhist teacher. In a very generous manner he has put the teacher, Dawn and me together on an upcoming Monday morning in August. I feel that I should prepare for this meeting because while Dawn has gone to retreats and met with teachers, I have not. So I wrote letter to the teacher and also to myself about what I know about Buddhism, what I have done so far and how I hope to continue. I hope to learn what I am doing right, what pitfalls lie ahead and perhaps what pitfalls I am in now.

I will add some of this writing to the travelogue in small bits when I get them to make sense.

August 21, 2014 - The meeting with the teacher fell through, but I will keep the writing, re-edit it to make more sese to a general audience and stick parts of it into the travelogue when it seems relevant. Stephen
Introduction   California    Mexico (Dec-Jan)    Mexico (Feb)    Boston (one week)    Paris

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