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One Month Trip to the West, 2017

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Dudes' day Bucket truck
Dudes' day Cole
Dudes' day Lunch

A Dudes' Day

We grabbed some work gloves and headed for Sebastopol for a work day. A friend of Patrick had invited us up to help clear the branches over the drive. someone else was cutting the branches and our job was to clear them off the road. Afterwards we took a walk down through the vineyard to the creek. Lunch was the highlight. A real barbeque, an immense amount of meat with good beer. A good time was had by all.

The Conservatory of Flowers Butterfly exhibit

Amber outdid herself with acquiring Library Passes for us to use during School vacation week. Here we are at the Conservatory of Flowers at their exhibition of Butterflies. In the anteroom, the pupa are hanging from pins waiting to hatch and be sent into the flower room. Lily is in her element here, sending the docents to their reference books with her questions.
Farmers Market

Field Trip to the Farmers' Market at the Ferry Building

We rode the muni bus with Lily's class down the the farmers market at the ferry building for a food shopping, learning, cooking experience. The program was short a couple of chefs to lead the groups, but two of the moms who were with us were professional chefs and jumped in.

Field Trip to the Zoo

The next day we grabbed a bus down to the zoo and met the entire first grade of the Argonne school for a field trip through the San Francisco Zoo. It was free for SF citizens day so most of the parents got in that way. Dawn had a pass from Amber and a parent had an extra guest pass which I used. Our group was four boys who exhibited amazing energy. Moving to the next location seemed to be the most important thing. Their running and energy got the attention of about four Mexican grey wolves who seemed to want to play with them.

Class picture!

At the end of the day which included an hour for lunch and playing at the playground, the children gather for a picture. Cole is on your extreme left.

The Hiker, the Flower Goddess and the Bear

We made a video with the Grandkids when their parents went away for a weekend up into wine country. It was pretty much their plot and their ideas and we tried not to be too pushy as camera operator and producer
Video image
Props and Costumes
Here is the props and costume department.

Toni came over and totally energized the making of the masks and head dresses for the video. Thank you Toni.
A Visit to the Tea Garden
Tea Garde
Tea Garden

I was Going to Cook Dinner But Built Some Shelves Instead

Dawn jumped in to do the prep upstairs in the kitchen as Patrick jumped on being the grillmeister, which was going to be my job, so that I coud build these shelves in the backyard shed. I lucked out in that once I cut the plywood for the width of the shelf the length turned out to be 8' so no cutting in that direction was necessary in the eight foot shed. It is probably not earthquake ready, but it made a big difference in the amount that could be stored in the shed as well as the amount easily retrievable.

Renovated Shed

A Trip to Golden Gate Park

Not really a trip for a place that is three blocks away.

But, who are these people? We don't recognize them, but I think they need some new clothes and some new scarves. She is the prettiest woman alive but he seems like he is about to call some bodyguards to get rid of this photographer.

Below, I recognize the cutest family in California. Cole has discovered sunglass cool. Patrick seems pleased as he ought. We looked at ducks and turtles and visited the elves' house.

the grandkids

Beautiful Amber

She is guiding her family back into port. Her long slightly curved back is about to plant the oars for a long sure stroke. She seems to be looking at us, but I think she is just checking out of the corner of her eye that the way is safe. A mother par excellence!

As they ventured out, Dawn and I spent the time doing just nothing in the sun, something that we are very good at, and then we were ready to welcome them back. From there it was just a stroll home to finish the afternoon.
Amber Rowing
I remember some late evening cocktails that Patrick was making and some brownies that we were eating and the next morning the announcement that there were stains on the couch where Dawn and I had been sitting drinking and eating the brownies. Uh oh. We were in trouble. Dawn worked with some success on removing the stains. Then Cole said that the marks on the couch weren't from the brownies but from his toy orange SF Giant souvenir bat. He seemed to be taking responsibility for something he didn't do. We all said said "No way" and he said "Watch" and took a swipe at the couch and there appeared a mark that looked just like brownie stain. Amber let out a loud expletive and the rest of us were stunned into momentary silence.

It was a great trip and we look forward to returning which is now scheduled for Thanksgiving, 2017.

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