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One Month Trip to the West, 2017

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Denver, Colorado - Kayenta, Utah - San Francisco, California

This trip was based on family. On our other trips I think that we have been visiting ourselves. There was always a clear focus on ourselves and our relationship with the place. We were always introspective and how we were doing seemed to be the important thing.

This trip was different. We visited people, family and our focus moved to these people that we love and we had to take a backseat. We did not take the laptop on the trip, and thoght we woud be sending our travelogue out the old fashioned way - by email with maybe one photo. But being with family seemed to turn our focus outward and we never found the time or energy to write. So we got back to Boston and had not sent out any travelogues. So here is our effort, mostly collecting our scant photos and reminiscing about the trip.

We spent some time with my nephew Jamie and his family in Denver, starting on March 14 and then hopped over to Kayenta to see Dawn's brother on March 19th and finishied up in San Francisco with Amber and her family during their school vacation week starting March 24. We chaperoned some field trips once they were back in school so we could see Lily and Cole in action. We flew back on April 10.

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