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One Month Trip to the West, 2017

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 Dawn at Andy's
My brother Andrew and his long-time partner Linda live smack in the middle of the red-rock desert. Their community, Kayenta, is environmentally sited with low cliff-colored homes and gardens that grow only what thrives naturally in the desert. No big green, water-sucking lawns here. It is a beautiful place, and they have renovated and added to their home to give it a true southwest feel, adding niches and old beams, lots of tile work (tiles by Linda) and buying Native American art that they love. They put in a huge amount of sweat labor themselves to create the environment they wanted. The picture of me standing outside is taken from their driveway, the other two are of their front entrance and the view from the guest bedroom, so you can see that the views are stunning all around.

Photos from Utah Front yard Photos from Utah our bedroom view
They are all about color which you can glimpse in the picture of their dining table. As in Denver, we got into some good conversations about what is important to us in life. Their community is a little island of liberal thinking in the most conservative state in the Union. Both Andrew and Linda are extremely politically active and have gotten letters published in many newspapers, both in St. George and Salt Lake City.

Photos from Utah Table
Photos from Utah Dawn Andy Linda We enjoyed several short day hikes, all within about twenty minutes of their home.
We got a chance to celebrate Dawn's birthday and thank Andrew and Linda for their wonderful hospitality by taking us all out for dinner at Cappeletti's, a very nice Italian restaurant.
Photos from Utah Cappelettis
Photos from Utah Labyrinth The community volunteered to build a labyrinth, designed after the one at Chartres Cathedral that I had walked with such emotion several years ago in France. We did walking meditations there two mornings. It was a wonderful way to start the day, even if we had a rare rainfall at the end of our second walk there. Oddly enough, when we walked on the cliffs in San Francisco, there was yet another labyrinth overlooking the ocean that the kids walked.
We visited a surprising number of petroglyphs on one hike, astounding to me that they are not even in a national or state park. They are just out there for people to walk to and visit, and take stupid poses in front of them. Photos from Utah Stephen Dawn Andy
Photos from Utah Pictographs Photos from Utah Pictographs
Photos from Utah Pictographs group Photos from Utah in front of Pictographs
Photos from Utah Tree Hellhole Canyon is right at the north side of Kayenta. Dawn and I hiked up into Canyon as far as we could go without getting our feet wet. there are two ways to go, the high road and through the wash. We took the high road which is just choosing which side of the sage brush to walk on, really no trail. Once we got to the mouth of the canyon we tried a trail which didn't lead anyone so we came back and discovered the wonderful blooming tree in the photo to the left.
During Heavy rain there are waterfalls that come off the top of the walls and if there are heavy winds in the right direction the water does not reach the bottom but rather is blown back uo and over the rim. We didn't see this, just heard the tale.
Photos from Utah Dawn in Canyon
Photos from Utah Coyote Gulch We went up to the coffee shop in Kayenta's village center to have a coffee with Rod and Pat who are good friends of Andrew and Linda.
Friday Morning Andrew and the two of us got up early to catch the St. George to Las Vegas airport Shuttle. We found the office and got and gave our hugs goodbye. The office was surprising with its free coffee, juice and fresh baked cookies. A couple hours later we were at the Las Vegas airport, now waiting for the storms in San Francisco to finish so we could land there. Utah was great.

St George Epress
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