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Return to France,
July 8 - August 5

Introduction    Cézac, July 8 - 22    Cévennes July 22 - 29     Paris July 29 - Aug 5


Between the apparently endless covid pandemic and Putin's outrageous war in Ukraine, I wasn't thinking about going to Europe this summer. However, when we finally connected with Isabelle via Facetime after several unanswered emails and texts, and heard of the sad loss of her dear husband, and our dear friend, we just wanted to spend some time with her. We don't usually go to Europa during the height of the tourist season, but we just want to be there with Isabelle, back in her place in la France Profonde. If you've read our travelogue over the years, you are already acquainted with her lovely old stone farmhouse in le Lot. For me, it's almost like going home, having an emotional, even spiritual connection to being in France. It always reminds me of my mother who was born in Paris and spoke French as her first language. So especially at this stage of our lives, I say Putin and covid be damned. We are going!
We arrived in France and have started a little bit of writing on the Cézac page. Everything went smoothly on the way over. This isn't our first trip since Covid, but it is the first back to France. The main impetus was to see Isabelle whose husband Jean died last January at the age of ninerty-one. The three of us decided that we should visit her at her country home in Cézac. We extended the trip by seeing q friend that lives between Cézac and the Cévennes which is a rugged part of Southern France. We stayed there a week before returning our rental car at the TGV Station at Avignon and taking the fast train back to Paris where we remained for a week. A fight home on August fifth ended the trip.

We stayed in hotels this time rather than AirBnBs. The AirBnBs that were available were out in the country and we wanted to be within walking distances to villages.
Auberge de la Cascade
Hotel de la Cascade in the Cevennes (Gorge du Tarn)

Auberge de la Cascade
Chateau de Rousson (on the way to the train station, one night

Auberge de la Cascade
Citadines, Condo Hotel in Paris near the Marais

Introduction    Cézac, July 8 - 22    Cevennes July 22 - 29     Paris July 29 - Aug 5
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