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Thoughts about our Last Trip and the Next One
Fall 2023?

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Looking Back

When we were asked the question, "What was the favorite part of the trip?" We always looked at each other and let out a sign and had no answer.
When we return from our trips, people often want to know what our favorite place was. Somehow I can't think that way. Every experience, every place on our journeys is different. There's no question that the natural beauty of coastlines, tropical forests, coral reefs, or mountains all have their special appeal as do the variations of culture via art, architecture, music, dance, or indigenous crafts. As mentioned, it is interactions with people that most stand out in my mind.

Although Stephen did buy that beautiful Zapotec rug on one of our Mexico trips and I bought some indigenous embroidery, it is rare that we return home with objects we have purchased on our trips. Whether home or away, we mostly spend money on experiences like performances, the boat trip, natural park entrance fees, snorkeling, restaurants, an occasional guided tour. I remember years ago, looking in the window of an antique store in Paris with my friend Malek, and he mentioned something about people collecting things. My response was, "Je ne collecte rien sauf les expériences," or I do not collect anything except experiences.

We do live in and appreciate the present moment as much as possible. At the same time, the travelogue gives us the opportunity to reflect on wonderful experiences and to be grateful that we are able to live these moments, one now at a time.

Looking Forward

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